So why “heart of the batter”? Aren’t puns kind of lame? Maybe, but I’ve always gotten a kick out of them. I chose this as the title of my blog because I subscribe to the belief that the typical Western/American diet is to blame for many of our health and environmental issues: the heart of the matter. This is mostly due to a lack of knowledge on what the typical American diet does to the human body, and even though I’m not an expert in nutrition I do feel that I have a responsibility to raise awareness of the destructive eating habits of our country. I believe that a whole foods, plant based diet can have a therapeutic effect on many ailments ranging from ADHD to autoimmune diseases to cancer to heart disease, and beyond. Relying on plants in the diet has been proven to reverse diabetes and relieve depression.  A plant based diet can alleviate environmental destruction. Through all of that, you’re also choosing to opt out of supporting the needless suffering of animals who have lived miserable lives. It’s something worth exploring, whether you’d ever consider a plant-based diet for yourself or not. Even if plant-based isn’t your thing, I’m not here to try to convert you (though it would be great if you decided to!). I still would love to have you along the journey to a healthier lifestyle by exploring integrative nutrition, plant-based clean eating, and doing our best to support local and organic sources on a budget together. 


Samantha loves to cook, though baking is her passion. She has been an on again-off again vegetarian/vegan for ten years (when we start young, sometimes we just aren’t doing it healthy- the downfall of the lapsed herbivore), and like many other young women; has spent the majority of her life struggling with her weight and body image. This entire blog holds it’s roots in being good to one’s self, starting in the kitchen. She hopes to shed some light on how accessible healthy nutrition is, with a few indulgences peppered in the mix (hey, baking is her passion!) as well as the little nuggets of wisdom she collects in continuing to learn to accept and love her body in every shape it’s in, and she hopes that you’ll stick around to learn with her.


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