How Essential Oils are Changing my Life

It’s been a little while since I wrote, but life has thrown me a few things and it’s taken a bit to finally get it into balance. One thing that I’ve been taking a lot of time to learn about and experiment with in recent months though, is essential oils. I had been using vitamin and health food store brands until one day my yoga instructor introduced me to doTERRA. While the health food store brands have been helpful, they smell beautiful, and I’ve seen the effect they can have on me; none of them compare to doTERRA.


What makes doTERRA so special? This particular brand goes above and beyond the precious “organic” label by testing and re-testing their product to achieve “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” status. To be considered organic, all a company needs to do is prove that the growing conditions of the plants are organic and organic certified pesticides are used. This doesn’t require prime growing conditions for the plant and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re clean and free of the yucky stuff we’re aiming to avoid. DoTERRA on the other hand, sources all of it’s oils from plants that are grown in their natural, native habitats. The plants are harvested and distilled for their oils, where they’re tested for any unsavory chemicals. If they are detected, the batch gets thrown out.

How are these little oils life-changing, though?

Given the pure nature of doTERRA’s oils, you can take many of them internally to reap the benefits of the oils. They can be cooked with (vegan vanilla cupcakes with lavender scented icing, anyone? or perhaps some rosemary and oregano oil in that focaccia you’re baking?) They are also one hundred percent pure and never blended with any carrier oils, which if you do some digging- you’ll find many brands do. Because they’re pure, they absorb readily into the skin. I don’t know all the scientific nuts and bolts of it, so I won’t go into it without absolutely knowing how they work on a chemical and physiological level. I do know that by putting a few drops of lavender oil in the arches of my feet before bedtime will allow me to sleep soundly through the night. That rubbing a few drops of peppermint oil on my belly will nix any nausea. That rubbing a citrus blend of oils into my palms in the morning helps me to wake up and be alert with out that cup’o’joe. That rubbing a few drops of eucalyptus on my chest and getting into a hot shower or bath will stop a stuffy nose or head cold in it’s tracks. The list goes on (and on, and on).

Virtually all of the items in your medicine cabinet can be replaced with a natural alternative. For me, the realistic approach is to buy a pure oil that will last longer than the cheaper varieties as it will save you money in the long run while also delivering what it promises.



Because doTERRA oils have affected me so deeply, I have made the decision to become a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant. I believe in the product, and I want to share them with anyone who is willing to keep an open mind and try them. I invite you to learn more about doTERRA by exploring my web page. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to comment!


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