Perception of Beauty

I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I’m working on a new cupcake recipe that I’m excited to share with you! Hopefully I’ll have it up within the next few days.

That’s not the reason I’m posting, though. Last night I was dawdling around on Facebook and stumbled onto this video: 

Now I know Dove and Unilever aren’t cruelty-free or vegan, but the message this video gives is so important for people to see. This video is part of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign, which is mostly aiming towards women; but I feel the message reaches more widely than just the female audience. Seeing this makes you wonder and try to reflect on how you see yourself, versus the beauty others see.

So what can we do to see the beauty others see in us? Why must we focus so hard on the negatives? The imperfections? Most of us have already come to terms with the fact that media is all photoshopped and airbrushed, but why are we still holding ourselves to that “standard”? Why would we be “more beautiful” if we had a smaller nose; less freckles; fuller lips; no wrinkles etc. Why can’t these features contribute to our own unique brand of beauty? For some reason, we can look around at all of our peers and see their beauty. Sadly, we’re entirely reluctant to see ourselves through the same lens.

What can we do to embrace the looks we have rather than try to come up with ways to wear masks? This video is a start. Instead of focusing on the dark circles you got from staying up a bit too late, maybe emphasize your gorgeous brown eyes. Have a  prominent nose, like me? Maybe it’s time to start embracing it instead of wishing you could afford a nose job (guilty). Maybe you have strong cheekbones, maybe you have a round face, an angular jaw… each one of us has the power to be beautiful. It’s already there, it’s just a matter of opening our eyes to see it.


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